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Anti-Critical Race Theory Laws Are Political Theater by State Politicians

  • State governments banning Critical Race Theory is a classic example of political theater.

  • Anti-CRT laws make it harder for teachers to do their job: teach students. 

  • What positive impact do these laws have? None. Because schools don’t teach CRT.

CRT Is Uncommon in K-12 Education

Critical Race Theory is a body of legal scholarship that examines how racism affects society. You can find it in law journals – not elementary school classrooms. 


To put it simply, CRT isn’t taught to children. Unless your child is in law school or graduate school, they aren’t learning Critical Race Theory in school. 

Three books with the words Critical Race Theory written on them in front of a red background

Nevertheless, legislatures across the country are choosing to devote countless hours and resources to this strawman controversy rather than deal with the issues actually impacting our children and communities. Our children need safe and healthy learning environments, fully funded schools, and strong and supportive communities. They do not need protection against threats that don’t exist.

Anti-CRT laws are political theater plain and simple, meant to distract us from the issues that really matter while making it seem like our elected officials are taking tough stands on controversial topics. 


These laws also go against the principle that the government that governs best governs least. 


In fact, a survey of teachers across the country found that 78% of teachers think the anti-CRT frenzy is “interfering with a productive and necessary discussion regarding race in America.”


Parents and Teachers Lose

The wave of anti-CRT laws makes it harder for classroom teachers to do their jobs everyday.


Lynn Daniel, an English teacher in Arizona, told NBC she doesn’t understand all the fuss about Critical Race Theory. “We don’t get it. This objection is being pushed upon us, and it’s not even happening in our classes. I don’t understand it.”


Politicians could be working with Americans to create jobs. Instead they’re trying to score political points by making teachers’ jobs harder, which hurts students and parents. 

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